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Gear Production

With about 600 machines, HST is capable of machining 7,000 tons of forgings, 2,000 tons of steel bars and 1,500 tons of cast material. The factory has an annual capacity of producing 25,000 truck gearboxes and differentials, 150,000 sets of gears and shafts for different sector needs including agricultural and construction machinery.

The facility consists of seven main production lines:

  • Cast components machining
  • Gear blank cutting, comprising bar and turret lathes, broaches and milling machines
  • Final gear cutting
  • Bevel gear cutting-Gleason
  • Heat treatment
  • Grinding
  • Gearbox and differential assembly and test

Gear Quality

  • By shaving: DIN 7 (AGMA 11-12)
  • By profile grinding: DIN 5 (AGMA 13-14)

CNC KAPP VAS 432 for gear profile grinding is available.

Gear Control

CNC gear checking machine KLINGELNBERG PNC 35 (350 mm).

Bevel Gear Production

  • 5 cut method is applied in the plant where hypoid and spiral gear & pinion cutting, testing, heat treatment and press quenching and lapping operations of the parts up to 500 mm diameter are performed.
  • Face milling and face hobbing methods are also performed with M/C Models Phoneix 1000 and 450 CNC bevel gear cutting machines.

Straight Bevel Gear Production

Straight bevel gears for different applications can be manufactured using Revacycle and Coniflex cutting methods.

Machining Centers

In Facility:

  • 2 MAZAK Horizontal (max. table size: 800x800 mm), MAZAK 800H
  • 4 OKUMA Horizontal (max. table size: 630x630 mm) OKUMA 600H, MX60H, MX40H, 500H
  • 3 OKUMA Vertical (max. table size: 460x760 mm) OKUMA VR40, MX45 (2)

Heat Treatment

  • 6 Continuous (2 of them PLC), 3 Batch Type (All PLC) Gas Carburizing,
  • Gas Nitriding (PLC),
  • Annealing,
  • Tempering furnaces,
  • 5 Induction Hardening,
  • 4 Press Quenching machines.

Shot Peening
4 spindle CNC wheelabrator (SISSION LEHMANN)

Mangane phosphate and zinc phosphate coatings can be applied on the products.




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